Amol Jagadale
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A rare combination of a creative brain, a colorful heart, and a mindful of ideas. His journey from an employee to a leading brand is an insightful success story of creativity. Pushing the quest and nurturing it with dedicated efforts is the secret behind his success.

He looks at every scribe as a potential catchy script and every color stroke as a sensational design.

As a go-getter, an inclusive leader, and a generous guide Mr. Amol Jagdale strive hard to create impressive designs to push dominating real estate brands in public. His personal intervention in every thought, artwork and design is the root of an established brand. He knows exactly how to touch the hearts, grab the attention, and how to make a brand visible, imbibe and endorse. The essence of his personality is to seek perfection blended with delivery, which is the trademark of Shubh Advt. & Tech.

Amol Jagadale

Although having tremendous hardship, Amol never mentions his sorrows. As a brave fighter, he exhibits only the medals and not the wounds.

Facing every trouble head-on with a sportsman's spirit he kept on his journey to excellence. Searching and picking up the right opportunity from the troublesome situation courageously shaped him into a true leader in times.

Relying on these ingredients he founded a strong base for a renowned firm with name Shubh. This singular journey attracted many like-minded people in the last decade.

Leading a team of versatile brains and minds, Amol is re-shaping the advertising world envisioning new landmarks. During the COVID pandemic, Shubh survived under the leadership of Amol with a few remarkable projects.

In the next decade, Amol looks forward to Shubh ensuring a place amongst the leading players of the advertising fraternity.